Lead Magnet Strategy & Design

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Everyone is telling you that you need to build your email list and the way to do it is by offering a freebie. But, you have no idea what to offer your clients and don't have the design experience to build your opt-in! Let's walk you through a strategy questionnaire to learn more about your ideal client, the goal of your lead magnet and brainstorming ideas for the perfect lead magnet!

From there, we will take that idea to the next level and work together to design the lead magnet that will make all of your ideal clients begging to join your list!

Why Have Captured Elegance design for you?

We know you are busy and have a million things to do in your business. Let's lighten the load a bit and not only strategize on an irresistible lead magnet idea, but design a high-end freebie that will grow your email list and position you as the expert in your industry


Pricing Information

  • Lead Magnet Strategy
    • Complete questionnaire to determine ideal audience, brand voice, etc.
    • Deliver three possible lead magnet ideas that can assist in growing your email list
  • Lead Magnet Design
    • Delivered in a PDF format for you to easily build in your email service provider 
    • Designed with your brand and ideal client in mind
Pricing Starts at $250 for strategy and one page lead magnet. Multi-page lead magnets will be custom-quoted once a design concept is finalized.
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