NEW OFFERING: Welcome Magazine Templates + Concierge Service!

We're SO excited to announce our brand new welcome magazine templates + concierge service!

When talking to other creative business owners about Captured Elegance, we would usually get the question of, "Do you guys have anything that allows people to pick out a magazine before designing it?" 

We loved specializing in custom welcome magazines for our clients. We felt like it provided a unique experience, in that they could work closely with us and have something truly branded to their business for their clients. But, we began thinking over the past few months about those creatives that maybe had a smaller budget because they were just starting out, or they wanted to maintain more control of the design of the magazine.

Because of this, we're now offering magazine templates in both Photoshop and InDesign versions for you to download! Simply purchase the magazine you love and the file will be sent to you, along with tutorials and instructions of how to assemble it. Still not wanting to do the full assembly yourself? We have a concierge service that will allow you to simply send us your photos and information you want in the magazine and you pick the template we assemble it in!

Fear not, though, we do still offer (and LOVE!) designing completely custom welcome magazines. Simply click "Custom Magazines" and read more about it!

HUGE thank you to Amanda Estep Photography and Janisel Rosenthal Photography for allowing our magazines to look SO beautiful by the use of your photos. You ladies are the best!